Sociocultural Issues in Sport and Physical Activity

Sociocultural Issues in Sport and Physical Activity

by Robert Pitter, David L. Andrews and Joshua I. Newman

368 Pages, 8.50 x 11.00 x 0.00 in

  • Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781450468657
  • Published: February 2022


Sociocultural Issues in Physical Activity explores the intersections between modern physical activity and society. The text surpasses the scope of sociological texts that focus solely on sports, covering a broad range of physical activities such as fitness, dance, weightlifting, and others. The authors emphasize the promotion of healthy individuals and a healthy body in the many movement settings where the body is active.

Sociocultural Issues in Physical Activity explores contemporary topics such as reducing disparities in education and income, increasing socioeconomic diversity in communities, the medicalization of fitness, the rise of cosmetic fitness, the promotion of physical activity as a requirement for health, and the globalization of the fitness industry. The text includes the following features to enhance student engagement:
  • Chapter objectives help students achieve their learning goals
  • Key points and terms to highlight important information throughout the text
  • Active Bodies sidebars that offer context for concepts presented in the chapter and provide examples and applications
  • Discussion questions that provide opportunities to reflect on chapter topics
Part I of Sociocultural Issues in Physical Activity examines political, educational, media, and economic institutions that influence the relationship between society and physical activity. Part II explores how an individual’s race, gender, social class, and ability are interpreted through a social lens. Part III of the text discusses the process of developing healthy populations as well as promoting public health and body positivity.

Sociocultural Issues in Physical Activity offers a cross-cultural perspective of society, health, and the body in motion. Readers will finish the text with a greater understanding of social theory applications in physical culture.