Volleyball Skills & Drills

Volleyball Skills & Drills

Skills & Drills

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  • ISBN: 9781492578734
  • Published: September 2005


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Master volleyball's key techniques and elevate performance in all facets of the sport. Volleyball Skills & Drills teaches the fundamentals and contains the proper progressions to help players master and apply those skills on the court when it counts. Featuring 90 of the sport's best drills, this guide will maximize both the rate and quality of learning to help players and coaches get the most out of each practice session.

Developed by the American Volleyball Coaches Association, this book includes an introduction by Taras Liskevych and chapters from 10 of the game's top coaches on the topics they know best:

-Paul Arrington: Practicing

-Sean Byron: Setting

-Don Hardin: Blocking

-Jim McLaughlin: Attacking

-Marilyn Nolen: Receiving Serves

-Penn State assistants with Russ Rose: Playing Defense

-Tom Peterson: Serving

-Joan Powell: Digging

-Joe Sagula: Playing Offense

-Stephanie Schleuder: Transitioning

Volleyball Skills & Drills is both the perfect in-season coaching manual and a superb off-season player development manual. It's like attending the best volleyball clinic available on each important aspect of individual and team performance!