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Technology for Physical Educators, Health Educators, and Coaches

Technology for Physical Educators, Health Educators, and Coaches

Enhancing Instruction, Assessment, Management, Professional Development, and Advocacy

by Seth E. Jenny, Jennifer M. Krause and Tess Armstrong

Published by: Human Kinetics, Inc.

384 Pages, 8.50 x 11.00 in

  • Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781492589341
  • Published: July 2020


  • eBook
  • ISBN: 9781492589365
  • Published: March 2020


A wide variety of technology is available to physical educators, health teachers, and coaches—but technology is only helpful if people know how to use it effectively.

This text will help health and physical education teachers and coaches improve their abilities by learning to effectively use technology in the areas of instruction, assessment, management, communication, professional development, and advocacy. The effective use of technology as outlined in this book can improve student and athlete performance and assessment and motivate active and healthy lifestyles among students.

An important distinction with this book is that it goes beyond simply discussing the technology tools—it helps readers understand how to use technology to improve instruction. Practical examples of how to use various technological tools are included for different settings and a variety of age groups (child to adult). Readers will learn about the effective use of technology in physical education, health education, and coaching.

Technology for Physical Educators, Health Educators, and Coaches is a practical, hands-on text that offers a number of useful tools:
  • What Does the Research Say? sidebars that provide evidence for which technologies do and do not work in physical education, health education, and sport coaching, with accompanying explanations
  • Tips, examples, and interviews from seasoned professionals on various types of technology
  • Chapter objectives, key terms, review questions, and open-ended discussion questions, which could prove useful for online discussion boards
  • Instructor ancillaries, including PowerPoint presentations and learning management system (LMS)–ready quizzes for each chapter, that help instructors organize, plan, teach, and assess content effectively
  • Online web resource that offers a variety of tools, including additional practitioner interviews; links to websites, videos, and podcasts; sample handouts, and other activities and resources from practicing professionals. The online web resource will be updated annually to keep current with the changing technology.
  • Social media accounts (@Tech4HPECoach) on Twitter and Facebook allow readers to further connect and share ideas. Use the hashtag #Tech4HPECoach across various social media platforms too!
(The web resource is included with all new print books and some ebooks. For ebook formats that don’t provide access, the web resource is available separately.)

The text is organized into six parts. Part I focuses on how technology can assist in meeting specific goals, objectives, and national standards within physical education, health education, and sport coaching. Part II covers technology for class and team management as well as communication technology, while part III explores how to leverage technology to facilitate teaching and learning, including within a traditional classroom, online, and with special populations. The authors address how to use technology for assessment in part IV, and part V delves into how technology can benefit professional development and advocacy. In part VI, the authors detail the all-important legal and financial aspects of technology.