Canadian Sport Marketing

Canadian Sport Marketing

by Norm O'Reilly, Benoit Seguin, Gashaw Abeza and Michael L. Naraine

384 Pages, 0.00 x 0.00 x 0.00

  • Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781718200944
  • Published: April 2022


The rapid professionalization of marketing in the sport industry has helped vault the business of sport into the upper echelons of the economy. Innovative, effective, timely, and culturally sensitive marketing allows sport managers to vie for consumer attention in an ever-expanding marketplace of competitors.

Canadian Sport Marketing, Third Edition With HKPropel Access, brings to life the fundamental principles of marketing, drawn from Canadian experience, with the end goal of providing students with a toolbox of useful tactics, frameworks, models, and knowledge to support a promising career or future learning in sport marketing. It covers essential topics, including the Canadian sport system and Canadian consumer behavior, market research, branding, pricing, sponsorship, ambush marketing, traditional media, social media, and digital marketing. Additionally, a sample marketing plan provides instructors an invaluable opportunity for assigned experiential learning and gives students a practical tool for use in early career work.

The only text focusing on Canadian sport marketing, this edition has been extensively updated to foster applied learning in sport marketing concepts and theories, supported by expert perspectives from the Canadian sport industry. Over 40 sport industry executives and experts contribute to the In the Know sidebars, Executive Perspective, and case studies, which draw from the most successful Canadian sport brands, events, and organizations to provide real-life application of the material.

Authors Norm O’Reilly and Benoit Séguin welcome Gashaw Abeza and Michael Naraine, forming an author team with comprehensive professional experience in the Canadian sport sector. With reflections on, and references to, a variety of Canadian and provincial sport entities, this third edition offers the following:
  • Learning objectives provide students a road map to navigate the content while maximizing retention.
  • In the Know sidebars direct student attention to the consideration of real-world situations and sport business analysis.
  • Executive Perspective sidebars, written by individuals who work within the industry, bring sport marketing concepts to life by using examples from Canadian sport businesses.
  • Case studies in HKPropel allow enhanced practical application and use real Canadian examples with questions to ensure critical analysis and understanding.
  • Test Your Knowledge questions help students assess their learning. Answers are provided in the instructor guide.
  • A glossary helps students identify and learn key vocabulary within the text.
  • A sample marketing plan provides an opportunity to review a completed marketing plan, and students can also use it as a template for creating their own plan.
Also new to Canadian Sport Marketing, Third Edition, are case studies and quizzes delivered through HKPropel. These are designed to increase student engagement and help students more deeply examine their comprehension of the material.

Strengthen and prepare students for future success in the sport industry with Canadian Sport Marketing, Third Edition With HKPropel Access.

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