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Fitness for Life

Fitness for Life provides teachers and students with the most comprehensive and current evidence- and standards-based content available to help students to become physically literate and to be physically active throughout their lives.
The seventh edition of this Texty Award–winning text is based on established education theory and follows a pedagogically sound scope and sequence to enhance learning and help students take responsibility for their own activity, fitness, health, and wellness.
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What is the LTAD model and should you be using it?

Long-term athlete development (LTAD) represents a big shift in the way sport is delivered. But what is it and should you be adopting it?
LTAD was created to improve the quality of sport and physical activity so that participants could realise their potential, whatever it may be. This article features the basics of the model, key factors and limitations. It has been adapted from Long-Term Athlete Development.
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