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Athletic drills to prepare for the American football combine

The combine is an important part of every American football player’s career. In this post, adapted from All-Pro Performance Training, we explore some of the key athletic drills you’ll need to prepare for when getting ready for a combine.

The combine

At a combine coaches and scouts often cross a player’s name off their lists if he does not meet or exceed the benchmark level of performance in the tests that are most pertinent to his position. These evaluators know what numbers each athlete should achieve in order to play successfully at their level. For example, scouts know that a prospective NFL defensive back generally will run the 10-yard split of the 40-yard dash in 1.58 seconds or faster. This player might be extremely skilled in his coverage techniques and his tackling ability, but if he cannot run 10 yards in 1.58 seconds, he will likely be unable to keep up at the professional level. His performance in position-specific drills becomes less relevant if his numbers already suggest that he lacks the physical tools to succeed at the next level.

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