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Strength Training Anatomy

Over two million people have turned to Strength Training Anatomy for an inside look at how the body performs during exercise. Now with new exercises, stretches, and exercise variations, and with more of Frédéric Delavier’s signature art, the fourth edition of this classic work sets the standard by which all other strength training resources will be judged.
No other resource combines the visual detail of top anatomy texts with expert strength training advice. Over 700 anatomical illustrations, including 90 new to this edition, depict 231 exercises and variations to reveal the primary muscles involved as well as all the relevant surrounding structures, including bones, ligaments, tendons, and connective tissue.
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The Physiology of Yoga

While many people practice yoga simply because it helps them feel good, the physiological basis for yoga’s effects on the body and mind is often unknown or misunderstood. Understanding these physiological concepts can help to deepen your yoga practice.
The Physiology of Yoga separates speculation from fact by examining how the body responds and adapts to yoga within many systems of the body: musculoskeletal, nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular, lymphatic, immune, endocrine, reproductive, and digestive. Straightforward explanations guide you in sorting through conflicting information about what yoga really can help you achieve and in evaluating whether certain yoga methods provide benefits to any or all of those systems.
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Daniels’ Running Formula

Train for your next race with the man who has been called “the world’s best running coach.” With more than 55 years of experience, Jack Daniels is a legendary figure in the running community. Named the National Coach of the Year by the NCAA and honoured as the Division III Women’s Cross Country Coach of the Century, Daniels has mentored some of the greatest names in running, including Jim Ryun, Ken Martin, Jerry Lawson, Alicia Shay, Peter Gilmore, Magdalena Lewy-Boulet, and Janet Cherobon-Bawcom. In Daniels’ Running Formula, he has shared training advice with hundreds of thousands of runners. Now in this updated – and definitive – fourth edition, he again refines his methods and strategies to help you run faster and stronger.
Join the thousands of runners who have relied on Jack Daniels to help them reach their peak running performance. Using the programs outlined in Daniels’ Running Formula, you too can achieve the results you seek every time you train and race.
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Recent and popular blog posts

Understanding foods that build muscle

Building muscle is the perfect combination of training and nutrition, they come hand in hand in order to see results or reach goals. We worked with Future Fit Training to bring you everything you need to know regarding nutrition for building muscle. The key to nutrition in building muscle is eating nutritious and high-protein meals as well as incorporating carbohydrates and fats as sources of energy. Guest author Future Fit Training explore foods to help you build muscle.
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The truth about yoga

Yoga has an abundance of benefits for the mind and body. As someone who teaches or practices yoga yourself, you may often hear claims about the impact of yoga – but are they all true?
In this post, we explore some common claims about yoga – to cut the fact from the fiction. Adapted from The Physiology of Yoga.
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3 reasons why you should work out with a partner

For some, working out alone can be boring and demotivating. Working out with someone else can add commitment and make the experience of working out so much more fun.
In this post, adapted from Partner Workouts, we explore some of the main benefits of working out with a partner.
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