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Below are a selection of workouts taken from Human Kinetics books. To find more free workouts like this, visit our Active at Home page.

This lower body circuit targets the back, glutes, and legs

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Our blog content includes book extracts and key insights from our health and fitness experts. Many have trained Olympians and celebrities, and are key figures in their respective fields.

24 pregnancy yoga poses for a strong, healthy and safe pregnancy

It can be difficult to know which exercises to do during pregnancy. We’ve selected 24 scientifically-proven, safe and effective yoga poses adapted from Desi Bartlett’s Your Strong, Sexy Pregnancy.


The best fitness facts from expert coaches and doctors

Health and fitness experts help us debunk common myths about nutrition, HIIT, strength training, running and much more. Helping you get to the facts so you can make informed decisions about your health and wellness.


3 reasons why you should workout with a partner

Would you be more likely to turn up to the gym if your friend was waiting for you? Avoiding letting others down, plus the motivating and social elements of working out with others could boost your likelihood to show up.


How to train for muscle building vs. fat loss

A common misconception is that weights are only used to build muscle. In fact weight training can achieve both fat loss and muscle building. We discuss what determines the outcome.


What are the best recovery strategies for athletes?

Recovery is an important part of training, whether you’re a professional athlete or a regular gym-goer. If you don’t give your body time to recover, how can you expect it to perform at its best. We explore the best methods to aid recovery.


Kettlebell workout for weight loss: 6 full body moves

Burn fat with the 6 full body moves with a kettlebell adapted from Steve Cotter’s Kettlebell Training. Kettlebells are a great versatile piece of equipment to aid weight loss, mobility, strength and power.



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