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Introduction to Physical Education, Fitness, and Sport

The ninth edition of Introduction to Physical Education, Fitness, and Sport is as robust and instrumental as ever for students preparing for careers in the various physical activity fields. And the latest version of this long-running and seminal text is chock-full of new material for budding teachers, coaches, fitness professionals, recreation leaders, and program leaders.
This book covers a broad spectrum of careers and professions, including those in physical education, health, dance, fitness, sport, recreation, athletic training, and athletic administration. The authors provide an overview of the respective professions and offer a deep dive into individual careers. In addition, the text explores the role of public policy across local, state, and federal levels, noting how various physical activity professions are affected by regulations.
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Critical Race Studies in Physical Education

Black students need teachers to engage in anti-racist teaching practices that empower them and aid in their success. For this to happen, teachers need to affirm students and make them feel safe, cared for, listened to, and recognized as worthy.
Critical Race Studies in Physical Education will help teachers of all races adopt the teaching practices that create this supportive, empathetic, and nurturing environment—and, in doing so, validate Black students’ self-worth and swing the pendulum back toward a more equitable education in PE.
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Adapted Physical Education and Sport

This top-selling text, now in its seventh edition, is the go-to text to prepare students to teach people with disabilities. Adapted Physical Education and Sport provides comprehensive and clear guidance for professionals working with people with unique physical education needs, differences, and abilities.
The book’s contents are aligned with the IDEA legislation and will help current and future educators identify the unique needs of children with disabilities, adapt physical education to meet those needs, and develop effective individualized education programs (IEPs) for those students. It is the ideal book for those who want the foundational knowledge that leads to the practical development and implementation of top-quality physical education and sport programs for people with disabilities.
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Grassroots football: Insights from a volunteer football coach

In this post we speak to Tony Page, Volunteer Football Coach for Beckwithshaw Saints Junior Football Club. For the past 3 years Tony has coached the under 13 boys team, which Human Kinetics now proudly sponsor.
We wanted to catch up with Tony to find out more about his experiences and insights as a volunteer football coach.
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What is the LTAD model and should you be using it?

Long-term athlete development (LTAD) represents a big shift in the way sport is delivered. But what is it and should you be adopting it?
LTAD was created to improve the quality of sport and physical activity so that participants could realise their potential, whatever it may be. This article features the basics of the model, key factors and limitations. It has been adapted from Long-Term Athlete Development.
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