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Athlete’s hydration needs before, during and after exercise

Studies have consistently confirmed the link between hydration status and athletic performance in activities ranging from submaximal exercise to maximal-intensity aerobic performance in both warm and hot environments. But how much should you drinking and when should you be drinking it?

The 10 most valuable academic sport science books

We have produced 100’s of academic textbooks covering a variety of subjects including strength and conditioning, physiotherapy, management, physiology, psychology, biomechanics and many more.

We take a look into some of our favourites in this blog post.

How to prevent injury in sport

In Italy, there are more injuries per hour of practice in football than in rugby, despite rugby being the more physical game. Why is that? Could it be that rugby players have better strength training and, as a result, are more able to prevent injuries than football players? Is football such a dangerous sport?

In this post we explore injury prevention methods.

Strength and conditioning

Sports rehabilitation and conditioning


Sport psychology

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Kettlebell workout to develop strength and power

Kettlebell training is extremely versatile, allowing you to tailor programs for mobility, endurance, fat loss or strength and power.

Here’s a sample workout for you to try.

What are the best recovery strategies for athletes?

In order to perform at your best as an athlete, it is important that recovery is incorporated into your training plan. Not leaving sufficient time to recover between training sessions or competitions could lead to poor performance.

What is the RAMP warm-up?

The RAMP warm-up was developed by Ian Jeffreys, it has proven to be the most effective warm-up for athletes and is used by many elite coaches around the world. It’s the most scientifically proven warm-up to prepare your body for competition.