The Physiology of Yoga

Understand the physiological basis for yoga’s effects on the body and mind – your indispensable guide to navigating all of the conflicting views and opinions about the impact of yoga, and learning to practice yoga while fully enjoying the benefits of mindful movement.

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Clinical Exercise Physiology

Endorsed by the Clinical Exercise Physiology Association (CEPA), the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP), the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES), and Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA), Clinical Exercise Physiology, Fifth Edition, offers a contemporary review of the variety of diseases and conditions that students and professionals may encounter in the field.

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High-Performance Training for Sports

High-Performance Training for Sports changed the landscape of athletic conditioning and sports performance. Now the second edition builds on that groundbreaking work with the latest and most effective philosophies, protocols, and programs for developing today’s athletes.

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Yoga Anatomy

With more than a million copies sold, Yoga Anatomy has become an invaluable resource for yoga practitioners, enthusiasts, and instructors around the world. Expanded and updated, the third edition of Yoga Anatomy will provide you with an even deeper understanding of yoga and of the structures and principles underlying each movement.

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Physiology of Sport and Exercise

Physiology of Sport and Exercise, Eighth Edition With HKPropel Access, continues its legacy as a top physiology textbook and favourite of instructors and students alike. Combining research with extensive visual aids, this resource offers a simple way for students to explore the body’s response to various types and intensities of exercise and sports.

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