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Human Kinetics is the authority on strength, training and conditioning. Whether you’re a coach, an athlete, or you just want to get stronger, you can lay your foundation of strength with the knowledge offered here. Find our newest releases, popular titles, and a range of supporting resources below!

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Strength Training Anatomy

Over two million people have turned to Strength Training Anatomy for an inside look at how the body performs during exercise. Now with new exercises, stretches, and exercise variations, and with more of Frédéric Delavier’s signature art, the fourth edition of this classic work sets the standard by which all other strength training resources will be judged.
No other resource combines the visual detail of top anatomy texts with expert strength training advice. Over 700 anatomical illustrations, including 90 new to this edition, depict 231 exercises and variations to reveal the primary muscles involved as well as all the relevant surrounding structures, including bones, ligaments, tendons, and connective tissue.
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Strength Zone Training

Strength Zone Training is the blueprint for building muscle with a purpose, making it simple to create workout programs that eliminate exercise redundancy and use full range of motion so you can build a body that is all-around stronger and more durable. Choose your exercises and get ready to dominate!
You’ll find exercises addressing every area of the body, with details on how to perform the exercise as well as coaching tips. Select exercises are depicted with a stunning hybrid of photo and anatomical art highlighting the movements, or zones, that provide a training stimulus. You will learn how to combine exercises within a workout in a smarter and more strategic way to collectively train through a full range of motion—resulting in not just an improvement in physique but also an improvement in performance and a reduction in injury risk.
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The M.A.X. Muscle Plan 2.0

The M.A.X. Muscle Plan 2.0, Second Edition, is packed with step-by-step directions for 106 of the most effective exercises and over 200 photos that demonstrate the revolutionary muscle-building program. Schoenfeld provides a science-based program specifically designed to promote lean gains and help you reach your ultimate muscular potential.
The book’s three-phase total-body program can be customized to your individual needs to dramatically transform your physique in just six months’ time. For those who are relatively new to resistance training or are coming back from a prolonged layoff, there is a M.A.X. break-in routine designed to prepare the body to deal with the rigorous nature of the M.A.X. Muscle Plan program. Further, there are chapters devoted to providing cardio training guidelines and nutrition recommendations, based on the latest scientific research, that complement the M.A.X. Muscle Plan program.
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How to train for muscle building vs. fat loss

Many people train to either lose weight or build muscle, so with these specific training goals in mind it is important to understand the impact of the different types of training and nutrition in meeting these goals.
In this excerpt from Elite Physique: The New Science of Building a Better Body we explore the core training principles you’ll need to know to build muscle or lose fat..
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Understanding the fundamentals of strength and conditioning

We spoke with Future Fit Training’s master PT, Mark Laws to discuss the key fundamentals of strength and conditioning to help provide valuable insight into the industry. Strength and conditioning, commonly referred to as S&C, is the process of planning, delivering, and reviewing a combination of exercises and drills with the specific goal of improving someone’s ability to perform optimally at their chosen sport.
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