Kettlebell workout to develop strength and power

Kettlebell training is extremely versatile, allowing you to tailor programs for mobility, endurance, fat loss or strength and power. 

You may have already read our post Kettlebell workout for weight loss, now we’re back with a sample kettlebell program to develop power and strength, adapted from Kettlebell TrainingSecond Edition

Strength and Power Sample program

Throughout Kettlebell Training, 2E, Steve Cotter shares numerous programs for you to try. Below is just one of the many programs to give you a taste of what to expect. You can follow the program exactly; modify the weight, repetitions, sets, or duration of any exercise; or make up new programs. The sample workout is designed to get you started so you have an idea of what to do in your workouts. With experience, you will have the knowledge and confidence to create some of your own training programs. The possibilities are limitless.

We have provided an overview of the full sample program from warm-up to cool down, and included visuals and cue tips for the exercises included in the main body of the workout.

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Header photo by Binyamin Mellish from Pexels